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  1. I always have very cold hands, sometimes a fingertip will turn completely white. I went skiing last year and I bought reusch extra warm gloves. Unfortunately at – 12 degrees Celsius and with a high speed, my finger tips were frozen. Very cold and very painful.

    This year I bought the all leather titan heated gloves and I am absolutely in love! I put them on the lowest stand which doesn’t really give heat, but it breaks the cold enough so that my fingers stay warm and I can enjoy them for the whole day. The second stand does give you a warmer feeling, but the battery won’t last a whole day of skiing. But I did use the warmer stand sometimes to get started 😊.

    I gave my other gloves to my husband, who said they were very warm. So it wasn’t a problem of the glove, but really my fingers that don’t have the ability to keep the cold out.

    Very happy I found these gloves and as you can see, I waited to try them out to give a full report.

    I have size 8,5 in men’s gloves (although I am female) and I ordered a large. The leather in the beginning is a bit stiff, but now they are really soft and it’s easy to bend your fingers. You can charge both batteries at the same time, but keep in mind it takes a long time to fully charge.


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  3. Har ikke rigtig prøvet dem endnu, men virker fine

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  4. De er rigtig fine.

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  6. Einziger kleiner Kritikpunkt: Die korrekte Behandlung des Akku gemäß Manual ist mangels Ladestandsanzeige kaum möglich.

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  10. War ein echt faires Angebot.

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